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Measurement specialists

Professional measurement and analytical services for the oil and gas industry.   Partnering with our customers to bring quality, efficiency and cost-saving solutions. Getting a job done safely and correctly is our standard practice.

    LABORATORY AND ON-SITE ANALYTICAL SERVICES for gas and liquid Hydrocarbons (C9 or extended with BTEX), Sulfur speciation, and Hydrocarbon Physical Properties such as Vapor Pressure testing and many more.   ON-SITE ANALYTICAL SERVICES provide on-demand experience that sets us apart to safely complete the tasks we perform. This eases the load for your personnel to fulfill their essential assignments.  
    MEASUREMENT SERVICES include EFM calibration & Installations, liquid meter proving and repair as well as meter & equipment sales.   INSPECTION & WITNESSING SERVICES are certified above ground storage tank inspections, chromatograph audit services. We also witness gas meter calibrations, oil meter prove and grindouts and analytical sampling.  

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